About Us

Mr. John J. Chisholm founded Jen Manufacturing, Inc., Worcester Massachusetts, in the early days of 1957. Jen Manufacturing produces high quality, special patented polyurethane foam, Poly-Brushes® and Poly-Rollers® to meet a wide variety of customer needs in the United States and abroad. The company produces a variety of sizes of brushes ranging from 1” wide to 4” wide. Jen Manufacturing also produces a variety of sizes of roller covers from 3” trim to 9” wide. We currently produce these products for over 1,500 wholesale and retail customers. Jen Manufacturing is an “S” Corporation with over 45 full-time employees.

Over the past 48 years, the company has grown from a small “mom and pop” shop in 2500 square-foot facility to a successful operation manufacturing in a 62,000 square-foot plant generating gross revenues in excess of 5 million dollars in 2004.

The Company employs various methods of marketing. The Vice President calls on and visits clients annually. In addition, the Company is expanding it’s advertising by establishing a web presence on the Internet. However, the Company’s best form of marketing and advertising is simply its reputation for high quality products and services. As a result, the Company has been successful in drawing upon its strong reputation and customer referrals to generate additional business. The Company’s investment in equipment, personnel, and systems also afford it a solid base for traditional growth.

Mr. Gerald Gendron, president, has a BA in Education from Worcester State College and is the Company’s most knowledgeable employee. Gerald and his wife Nancy together are 67% shareholders and oversee all aspects of the business.

Mr. Jeffrey T. Gendron, vice president, also plays a very key role in the success of the Company. Jeffrey is responsible for production, sales, and marketing for the Company. He earned a BS in MIS from Nichols College. Jeffrey is a 33 % shareholder. Additionally, Jeffrey serves as the financial officer. He oversees all accounting and financial duties.

Mr. John Brodeur, Chief Operating Officer, also plays a very key role in the success of the Company. John is responsible for the company purchases and oversees daily operations for the Company.

Within the next 3 years, Jen Manufacturing plans to widen existing opportunities by leveraging existing customer relationships, entering cousin industries with the expansion of products and services, and through management’s vast experience and knowledge of the polyurethane brush and roller industry. Management intends to add equipment and hire additional personnel to meet future needs and customer demands.

As previously mentioned, Jen Manufacturing has a diverse customer base of over 1500 customers and has established a distinct position as a core vendor to the BRUSH industry. The Company has been supplying customers, including Ace Hardware, Menards, Wal-Mart for the last 30 years. The Company has achieved a valuable reputation due to its ability to perform difficult assignments and deliver products on time and within budget constraints.

Jen Manufacturing, Inc.P.O.Box 20128 • Worcester, MA 01602
Toll Free: 800-225-7276 • Fax: 508-797-5726 • Email: polybrushes@aol.com